Often new puppy owners become stressed when reality is different than what they envisioned. It is no surprise to us that you may be experiencing some of these feelings:

  • Frustrated walking your puppy/dog because they want to stop and smell everything, refuse to move at all, or on the other end of the spectrum they want to pull you on the entire walk?
  • Eruption of chaos in your home when the kids play or the puppy gets the Zoomies resulting in the kids running across the room to dive onto the couch for fear the puppy will bite them with those sharp teeth? 
  • Overwhelmed that a majority of the responsibility has fallen on you? 
  • Frustrated because the puppy goes to the bathroom inside the house right after you come in from being outside or irritated that they keep using certain rooms in your home as their own personal bathroom?
  • Aggravated you cannot accomplish anything with a puppy that needs full supervision because they are always getting into things they shouldn’t? 
  • Concerned your puppy is aggressive? 
  • Hesitant to be around your puppy at certain times because they sink their teeth into you causing you to bleed or putting holes in your clothes?  
  • Embarrassed being around other people and dogs with your dog jumping all over them? 
  • Impatient when your dog barks at the windows, doors, or fences?
  • Agitated when your adolescent dog doesn’t respond quickly anymore, runs away, or ignores things you worked so hard on in the puppyhood stage with great success as a team?


K9sUnleashed is a unique and flexible dog training program that will cater to your goals starting from puppyhood into the adolescent phase and beyond. We pride ourselves in working with owners to educate you, so you can be the best handlers for your dog. In forming a positive connection, you can grow together and be confident as a team when going through daily life activities and experiences. We aim to allow your dog to make choices that seek positive engagements and rewards under their own accord and teach you how to acheive that environment. 

We start with our phenomenal private training program that incorporates private lessons and a group class. It is then supplemented with our online school platform and our virtual live discussions as a group to continually support and educate our clients. We hope to prepare you to then advance into our legendary dog training programs that include:

- Community group outings i.e., dining outdoors, shopping in retail areas, exploring local parks and towns, etc.,
- Specialty classes i.e., Scent Work, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog Preparation, Pre-Agility, Rally, Obedience, Dog Mock Park, etc., 
- Social opportunities for dog handlers with and without their dogs and more!

We offer a hybrid training platform that combines classes offline at scheduled times and online at your convenience to fit your lifestyle. Furthermore, we have over 16 different lesson topics online, 20 interviews, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International Crash Courses, and more online resources available to you as a member of K9sUnleashed.

Puppyhood and owning a dog are a journey, and you’re never alone! We believe in fostering a welcoming and encouraging community of our K9sUnleashed family that supports each other during the training process. A positive environment is key for both dogs and people!

We have a team of professional, highly experienced trainers, Canine Educational Specialists, to be with you every step of the way, so we can watch you succeed whatever your goals may be.

- Having a well-mannered pet
- Your dog living their best life on a lake enjoying boat life
- Entering your dog into new activities and trying canine sports for fun or competition,
- Having the most delightful travel companion
- And having a pal that can be a friend to anyone you come across during your therapy visits. 

Are all some of the things we’ve helped handlers and their dogs achieve!

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