Relationship Rock

I would like to welcome you to the big ‘ol rock. It may look like a misplaced chunk of stone, in our yard, to the bystander. What do you do with a massive rock…sit back and watch. What happens on the rock is a blissful tranformation of energy.  If you want therapy, attention, love, affection, inner peace, joy, comfort, laughter, and more you will be drawn to the rock too.

This rock has provided me with great pleasure being able to see others enjoy the relationships they form on the ROCK. My dear friend, Meredith, would come over not to see me, but to spend time on the rock. She knew the benefits of the ROCK!   I am pretty certain many children will remember the ROCK as a special place too.  Here are some snapshots of my family on the ROCK.  I am not a blogger, so I will let the photos tell the story.

coops and the dogs

Mitch and Jojo

mom and Bear                Ty and Bella

Wendy and Basco1 Dad and Fulham



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