K9s Unleashed “Legendary” Camp

 K9s Unleashed “Legendary” Dog Training Camps are a HIGHLIGHT of
our YEAR! This is the 9th consecutive year that K9s Unleashed has hosted Dog Training Camps for youthful dog lovers in our community!  

 A Note from Amy – 

My love for children and kids’ safety was the motivation to start this camp. A tragedy struck our small community with two incidents spanning 3 weeks apart, involving young children and dogs.  One ending in the horrific loss of a sweet child’s life. It was then I asked 9 schools in our area if I could provide a presentation to the kids on how to meet and greet dogs appropriately.  I was turned down by eight schools! It happened to be the Bonds Grove Pre-School that welcomed the idea. Perhaps they agreed to it because my son had been enrolled in their program and they knew me! It was my big moment to fill my sorrowful heart.  I did not know the girl that passed away, but I thought of her and her family with a heavy heart non-stop.  

I wanted to start a fun and educational program for kids to thrive with dogs with proper interaction. My previous career, as a Recreational Therapist, was the powerhouse behind this community outreach program that was brewing in my daily thoughts. I brought my personal dogs Tux and Bear as ambassadors for our hands-on lesson. This opened my heart for the desire to do more. Mr. Eggleston, the kind owner of Waxhaw Ace Hardware, allowed me to host the first dog training camp, in the garden section in his store.  His generosity opened the doors to years of “Legendary Dog Training Camps” as the kids refer to it! We aim to create an awareness of appropriate interaction between dogs and humans with our next generation!

A Note from Abby – 

 It was four summers ago that a friend said “You have GOT to sign Charley up for this camp, but sign up quickly, and shhhhh….there aren’t that many spots!  This might have been the greatest gift this friend could’ve given me!My daughter’s shy and introverted personality lead her to cling to my leg for most of her early years, making it difficult for her to build confidence and try new things.  I can honestly say, this camp has changed both of our lives! On the first day, I dropped her off with tears in both of our eyes.  I picked her up each day – a completely different child, beaming with sunshine and pride. Her smile was so big and so bright. On the last day, she cried so hard because she did not want it to be over.Children have an incredible ability to connect with dogs. Working with dogs in a positive way and a leadership role will build their self-confidence, self esteem, and most importantly – let their true souls shine. This camp was the beginning of a true passion and love for animals for Charley and the beginning of her journey to be the independent and confident girl she is now. Dog camp will warm the heart and soul of all of the hardworking parents that want to see their children happy and thriving. I have witnessed this first hand as a parent.  I loved it so much that I knew I needed to be a part of it! I thank Amy, and I also thank Charley, for giving me one of the greatest gifts in life! I have found a passion and it all started at Camp!

 K9s Unleashed “Legendary” Dog Training Camp!


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